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Trucks ~

I guess it would stand to reason that right after the automobile was invented, trucks wouldn't be far behind. Man saw that the motor car was a great asset to him for basic transportation. But when it came time to haul something Large and heavy, (other than the mother-in-law), he needed a vehicle that could do the job. So, the truck was invented. The first trucks were much like cars. They had the same engine size as cars and the body was the same except instead of a rear seat, there was a cargo bed installed. Actually, when Cadillac began right after the turn of the 20th century, they built only trucks. They began building cars a few years later.

Trucks have been with us ever since the beginning of the horseless carriage. This blog is dedicated to the old trucks, the trucks that started it all. And remember the old saying uttered by that old-time truck driver, Elmer Sniggledorf...
"Love your truck, work your wife!" Or wait...was it,
"Love your wife, work your truck?" Well, you get the meaning eather way. Enjoy the pictures ~